2018 Rates & Reservations

Season: April 14 - October 15

Check In: 3:00PM
Check Out: 2:00PM

Daily Rates *Exceptions apply, see below.


All rates are based on two people, one vehicle, and one camping unit. All others are extra, see rates below.

Site Type: Spring Weekday Weekend Fall
April & May June, July, Aug June, July, Aug Sept & Oct
Water & Electric $40.00 $40.00 $42.00 $40.00
Full Hookup $42.00 $42.00 $44.00 $42.00

Memorial Day, 4th of July Week, Labor Day, Columbus Day

Water & Electric $50.00 per day
Full Hookup $52.00 per day

June 1 & 2, June 8 & 9, June 15 & 16, August 24 & 25, September 14 & 15, September 21 & 22

Water & Electric $50.00 per day
Full Hookup $52.00 per day
April & May
Summer June, July, August Fall September & October
Water & Electric $216.00 $240.00 $216.00
Full Hookup $228.00 $252.00 $228.00

Monthly rates do NOT include electric.

April & May
Summer June, July, August Fall September & October
Water & Electric $575.00 $650.00 $575.00
Full Hookup $600.00 $675.00 $600.00
Single $2,900.00 One person-One trailer-One car.
Double $3,000.00 Two people-One trailer-Two cars
Family $3,100.00 Two adults-Four children-One trailer-Two cars
Premium Add $800.00 to your base rate

A Visitor is anyone who is not registered with the camping party at check in.

Day Visit 9:00AM - 10:00PM $3.00 per person
Overnight Visit 9:00AM - 2:00PM next day $7.00 per person
Visitor Vehicle $2.00 per day
Children 5 and under Free
Seniors (62 and over) Free $7.00
No visitor registration after 9:00PM.
Check in is 3:00PM, Check out is 2:00PM.
Any variations in the check in or check out times must be made in advance. A half day fee will be applied.

Maximum of 4 adults per site.

Fee Type Daily Rate Monthly Rate Seasonal Rate
Extra Adult, 18 years and up $2.00/day $20.00/month $75.00/season
Child 6 years and up $1.00/day $10.00/month $50.00/season
Extra Vehicle $2.00/day $20.00/month $25.00/season
Early Arrival - Before 3:00PM 1/2 day fee N/A N/A
Late Departure - After 2:00PM 1/2 day fee N/A N/A
Move Trailer On or Off Site $10.00
Returned Check Fee $20.00
Dumping Fee for Non-Campers $25.00
50 Amp Service *fee may change $6.00/day $36.00/week
On-Site Dumping Fee $15.00
On-Site Storage *Not available on weekends, holidays, and in July and August. $10.00/day electric $5.00/day NO Hookups $5.00/day NO Hookups

Good Sam Members: 10% off

Group Rates - 10 or more sites: 10% off

Group rates do not apply on holiday weekends or weekends in July and August. Scout Troops, or recognized youth group: $5.00/person/night, $2.00/car/night. Call for restrictions on time of season, day of week and size of group. Check-in is 3:00PM, Check-out is 2:00PM. Any variations in the check-in or check-out times must be made in advance. A half day fee will be applied.
In order to provide the highest level of personal service, reservations are handled by phone at (413) 267-9269 and by filling out the form below. Our reservation and cancellation policies are listed below for your convenience.
  • Reservations are not required but are recommended.
  • A one night deposit is required to hold a reservation.
  • A $50.00 deposit is required to hold a week reservation.
  • A $100.00 deposit is required to hold a month reservation.
  • A non-refundable $500.00 deposit is required to hold a seasonal reservation. A complete set of seasonal fees and payment schedule is available.
  • A complete set of seasonal fees and payment schedule is available upon request.
  • Holiday and special event weekends must be paid in full one month prior to your check-in date. All other reservations are due in full at check-in.
  • Any changes in reservations should be made prior to arrival.
  • We do not allow the use of a tent as a camping unit for extended stays.
  • You must be 21 years or older to make a reservation. Please be sure to see our rules for further restrictions.
  • Holiday Weekends must be booked as Friday, Saturday and Sunday.*
  • Special Event Weekends must be booked as Friday and Saturday.*
  • A two night minimum stay is required on weekends in July and August.*
    * Exceptions may apply.
  • A $20.00 cancellation fee will be charged to all cancelled reservations.
  • Reservations made for one week or one month are booked separately. A $20.00 fee will be charged to each week or each month that has been booked.
  • No shows are subject to the full loss of the deposit.
  • Late cancellations (within 14 days of arrival) are subject to the full loss of the deposit.
  • Late cancellations on holiday and special event weekends (within 14 days of arrival) will result in full loss of the payment: camping fees for the entire stay.
  • There are no refunds given on seasonal deposits. A complete set of seasonal information is available upon request.
  • We do not refund due to weather.

Reservation Requests

Please use this form as the first step in inquiring about the availability of a campsite at Sunsetview Farm Camping Area. Keep in mind that this form is strictly used to confirm availability. Filling out this form, in itself, does NOT make a reservation. Please complete this entire form prior to pressing the "Send" button. Items marked with an asterisk (*) indicate required fields. If space is available, we will call you as soon as possible after our receipt of your inquiry in order to confirm that availability and to receive the necessary deposit to confirm the actual reservation. For your convenience, Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards are accepted for this purpose. On the other hand, if space is not available for the date(s) requested, we will send you an e-mail to convey our regrets. For these reasons, it is important that you include a valid telephone number and e-mail address with your request, and it will be your responsibility to answer your phone and check your e-mail.

If you need to confirm your reservation immediately or would like to make a reservation for an arrival within less than 48 hours, please call us during normal business hours.
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Reservation Request
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