Site Map & Rules

Sunsetview Farm Camping Area Site Map

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Policies & Reminders


• We reserve the right to evict anyone violating the rules or destroying or defacing property. Any infractions of the rules may result in eviction without refund.
• We reserve the right to select our clientele and guests.
• Appropriate language and acceptable clothing must be maintained at all times. Loud music and/or any behavior considered not good camping etiquette in not permitted.
• Please let us know of any violations that may affect your camping experience.
• We hope to make your stay with us pleasant, peaceful, and memorable. These rules are made to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.


• Do not take firewood with you on your camping trip. Moving firewood can spread insects and diseases that kill trees. We do not allow transportation of firewood into the campground. Firewood is available for sale for a reasonable fee. Don’t bring firewood back from your camping trip. Buy it where you burn. You have the power to save trees. For more information check out
• We do have an exception for our extended stay guests with strict restrictions. Ask for details before making any wood purchases.


We do require a $15.00 deposit or a credit card number for a key for our entrance gate. This deposit is fully refundable when the key is returned at the end of your stay.


A visitor is anyone who is not registered with the camping party at check-in.
• All visitors must register at the office and will be charged a fee, see rates.
• Sorry, we do not allow visitors to bring dogs into the campground.
• Day Visitor 9:00AM to 10:00PM.
• Overnight 9:00AM to 2:00PM the following day.
• Any visitor arriving after 8:00PM will be charged an overnight rate.
• No visitor registration after 9:00PM.
• We may at times limit the number of visitors and vehicles allowed per site due to overcrowding.


• All vehicles must be registered and display a tag.
• Only licensed drivers can operate a vehicle.
• Speed limit is 5 MPH.
• Repeated offenses will result in loss of driving privileges.
• Sorry, Golf Cart privileges are only for our extended stay guests (those that camp with us for a month or longer).
We do not allow washing of vehicles and trailers. Extended stay guests may wash their trailers twice per season and by appointment only.


• Quiet Hours - 11:00PM to 8:00AM. Campfires down at 11:00PM.
• Radio and other equipment are to kept at a low volume at all times.
• Inform us if your neighbor is too noisy.
• The use of power tools and chainsaws are forbidden. Extended stay guests check for exceptions for use in maintaining your decks and campsites.


• Excessive use of alcohol by adults, and drinking by minors is absolutely not permitted.
• No keg beer allowed.


• Please respect other campsite boundaries.
• Please carry our all trash to the dumpster.
• Tents on grass must be moved every 3rd day.
• We do not allow carpets or rugs on grass sites.
• Do not cut trees or brush or alter site without official permission.
• Please do not throw stones in the campground. This includes the pond!
• Decks are only permitted for our seasonal campers.
• Decks must meet MA building codes and pass an inspection.
Fires are not to be built anywhere except the fireplace on the site and MUST be attended AT ALL TIMES. If dry and windy conditions exist we may need to ban fires.


• Mass. State Law prohibits draining of gray or wash water on the ground.
• All campers including tent and tent trailers must dispose of all gray water in designated areas.


• A current rabies vaccination certificate is required before any pet will be allowed into the campground.
• There is a limit of 2 dogs per site.
• We do not allow day visitors to bring pets into the campground.
• No pets are allowed in any of the campground buildings or in any of the swimming areas, including the beach. Please keep pets out of the playground.
• Owners must pick up after their pets.
• Pets must be leashed at all times and are not to be left unattended at any time.
• Any pet causing excessive noise or any disturbance will not be allowed to stay.


• Parents are expected to advise their children of the rules and will be held responsible.
• Please accompany younger children while in the campground.
CURFEW: Children (17 and under) must be on a campsite with a responsible adult by 10:30PM.
• Persons 17 and under cannot be left in the campground without adult supervision.


• Children 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.
• Running, rough play, and excessive noise is prohibited in the pool and pond areas.
• Diving is not allowed due to shallow pool depth.
• Dogs and other animals are not allowed in the pool, in the pool area, in the pond, nor on the beach.
• When you dig on the beach, do not dig below the surface of the sand. Do not dig up stones, rocks, and other materials. Please fill in holes when you are done-leave the beach as you found it.
• Please use large floats and rafts in the swimming pond and not in the pool.
• All children in diapers must wear appropriate swim diapers.
• Please observe all posted rules, management reserves the right to refuse admittance to or eject from the pool/pond premises, any persons failing to comply with any health and safety regulations.


• ANY MOTORIZED EQUIPMENT MUST BE OPERATED BY A LICENSED DRIVER. (This includes motorized scooters.) The only exceptions are four wheel children’s ride-on toys that do not operate over 5 mph. Parental supervision is required to operate a ride-on toy.
• We require persons 16 and under wear a helmet when riding in the campground per MA state law.
• All bicycles and ride on toys must be registered at the office, and display the registration number given to you.
• Please do not ride with excessive speed and/or recklessness.
• No bike riding after dark.
• Please respect others by not crossing campsites.
• Please observe and obey all road signs.
• Do not ride down from Trailer Top Heights. If you are camping on the hill, equipment must be walked down.
• No riding near or around entrance/exit gate, or pool patio.
• Do not ride inside any of the campground buildings nor block entrances.
• No riding on equipment in the playground, or blocking the playground entrance.
• Any repeated offenses will result in loss of riding privileges.
• Motorized remote control toys must be operated in our recreation fields.
• There is no place to skateboard or rollerblade in the campground.


• Drone operation is limited to our recreation field.
• Keep away from campsites and other common areas, such as the pond and pool. Respect others’ privacy.
• To fly a drone as a hobbyist in the state of Massachusetts you are required by the FAA to take the recreational UAS safety test.
• Please let the office know if have a drone in the campground.
• Stay below the maximum allowable altitude, typically 400 feet.
• Maintain visual line of sight with your drone.
• If you are causing a disturbance you will be asked to stop flying.
• Don’t fly after dark or during quiet hours.
• These rules are new to us, and are subject to change.


CAMPGROUND OFFICE (413) 267-9269
• If you observe a disturbance, please be sure to report it to a staff member or to the office at once. If the office is closed please call Campground Security.
In case of a true emergency, DIAL 911. Give Sunsetview Farm Camping Area’s name and site number. Then call campground security so we may assist the emergency personnel.
Nearest Hospital is Baystate Wing Hospital. (413) 283-7651. 40 Wright Street, Palmer, MA 01069.


We do not have cable in the campground. Due to our many trees, satellite connections do not work in all areas of the campground. Be sure to ask when making reservations and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Local stations that can be reached with an antenna:
• 3 CBS
• 22/30 NBC
• 40 ABC
• 24/57 PBS
• 61 FOX
• 38 UPN

WIFI / Cell Phones

WIFI is provided for your convenience. The bandwidth at Sunsetview is limited due to the trees and terrain. Therefore the WIFI should not be expected to function the same as at your home or work networks. The hotspot does not reach everywhere in the Campground and it will not support streaming, online gaming, nor large downloads. It will allow you to email, browse the internet, and post on social media.
Our connection is named hotspot. The codes can be obtained at the office at no cost, each device needs its own code.
Most major cell phone providers work well in the campground.


Commercial photography is often conducted at Sunsetview. You may appear in pictures that may be used in advertising and other activities regarding the campground. Reservations or a visitors pass constitute your consent to use any pictures we deem appropriate without payment, inspection, or review.

In Closing

We continue to ask for your help in making the campground a political free zone as much as possible by not displaying any political items on your campsites. Help us make the camp be a place where you can unplug and free yourself from stress as much as possible. Thank you so much for your cooperation and support.